Can your non-finance staff speak "FINANCE"? 

Find out how our finance training can improve financial performance by transforming the financial acumen of your non-financial teams 

We have trained 31,427 non-finance staff in 30 countries at companies like these: 

CFOs know people like Joe very well. He's your non-finance manager who's INTIMIDATED by FINANCE and his lack of FINANCIAL COMPETENCE is DANGEROUS.

× He struggles with budgeting.

× He can't make sense of his P&Ls.

× He has a hard time making sound financial decisions.

× He is threatened by financial jargon.

× He avoids financial conversations.

Joe knows he needs financial know-how but he doesn't know how to get there.

He has taken online finance courses but they’re not practical or relevant.

You know Joe needs something engaging - not another boring finance training.

At Accounting Made Easy, we specialize in ‘Finance for non-financial managers’ training aimed at empowering non-finance teams to:

  • Understand financial language to speak finance with confidence

  • Understand financial impacts to improve financial performance

  • Understand their business numbers to make smarter business decisions

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As a global leader in customized finance training for non-financial managers & teams, our expert financial trainers can help your Joes perform better and make better financial decisions.