Empowering your non-finance staff to make better financial decisions

Business Financial Literacy in only 7 hours!


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For over 10 years our revolutionary, visual approach together with our amazing trainers has made us a global leader in ‘Finance for Non-Finance Professionals’ training.

Perfect for live remote delivery and customizable to your business numbers.

Our motto is: Anyone can learn finance. If you're intimidated, start again. Here. Now! 


Can you really upskill your non-financial staff to be financially literate in just 7 hours?

Well, certainly not using the conventional,dry, lecture-based, textbook approach.

But, using our interactive, gamified approach, we guarantee that your non-financial staff will be financially literate and financially confident, making better financial decisions for the company.

They will see how the pieces of the finance puzzle fit together with absolute clarity. No lecture. No textbook. No off-by-heart learning. No prior background in finance or accounting needed. No confusion or threatening financial jargon.

Training Re-imagined

Our gamified and interactive methodology ensures a seamless virtual delivery over Zoom or MS Teams

Incredible Trainers

Our expert accountants with business experience guide you in discovery learning

Amazing Outcomes

Acquire the ability to read, understand & analyse financial statements & more

Frequently Asked Questions

Successful non-financial people have a real handle on their numbers. They’re not scared to get their hands dirty with the numbers and uncover the story being told by the numbers. Once you understand the story, you can start implementing necessary changes and make the adjustments you need to change the story, to tell a different story, a more profitable and cash-flush story.

At the end of the day, its all about decision-making. Your newfound ability to read financial statements, interpret and analyse them will empower you to make better decisions.

This will set you apart from your colleagues and make you a true asset (excuse the pun). Your colleagues will listen to and respect your opinion on the numbers and you’ll be able to “talk the accounting talk” and participate in management meetings with confidence.


  • Financial statements (i.e. balance sheet, P&L and cash flow statement)
  • Accounting concepts & Financial Jargon
  • Financial impact of strategic decisions
  • Using financial information to make better decisions
  • Working capital and working capital management
  • Financial ratios

The course is delivered in three 2.5-hour sessions via a Zoom or Teams. It is facilitated by a certified accountant who provides group and one-on-one attention as required. This interaction enables coaching and discovery learning.

Yes. In fact we specialize in customized finance courses ensuring your staff are able to apply what they have learnt to their financial data.

"I never thought I would understand finance, but I do now!!!
You made it so easy! Thanks for a great course!"


"After doing this course, I don't feel intimidated by business numbers anymore! Awesome!"


"What an amazing course!! In just a few hours, I can draw up a balance sheet and income statement! Pretty proud of myself. Very worthwhile course for non-financial managers!"


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