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Gamified Customized

Finance for Non-Finance Managers Training

We help non-finance managers at enterprise companies learn critical financial skills and business acumen through our cohort based virtual training. 

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We have trained 33,257 non-finance staff in 36 countries at companies like these: 

We have trained 33,257 non-finance staff in 36 countries at companies like these:

Here's what our students say about the course:

Why Gamification Matters

Finance can be intimidating, especially if you don't have a background in it. We've taken a creative approach to make finance engaging, accessible, and even fun for non-finance managers.

We've combined the best of gaming and finance to create an interactive learning experience that demystifies financial concepts.

Customized vs. Traditional Training

Learning finance without context is like taking a horse to water but not letting it drink. 

When your staff learn finance and see how it applies in their environment it immediately becomes practical and relevant leading to real change. 

Unlock the key to financial confidence at your company


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Non-Finance Managers Need Help

Non-finance managers often feel frustrated and overwhelmed. In many instances they're completely untrained for the financial responsibility that their job entails and that their lack of core financial knowledge is holding them back.

➡️  They struggle to understand P&L's and business numbers
➡️ They have a hard time making sound financial decisions
➡️ They lack the confidence to have financial conversations & feel threatened by financial jargon

About Us

Mark Samowitz is the CEO of the global financial training company, Accounting Made Easy. He is a chartered accountant, entrepreneur and singer.

He combines his talents to create a course that will keep your teams engaged and make finance understandable.

His award-winning visual approach to finance allows non-finance managers to see how finance works and removes the mystery - quickly!

Mark and his team of global finance trainers believe: If finance scares you, you were taught badly. Start again, now!

How's it Different?

Most finance training doesn't work because:

❌  It's lecture-based and jam packed with jargon.
❌  It's focused on rote-learning, so students never learn the why.
❌  It's overwhelming, with too many irrelevant concepts.
❌  It's delivered by finance heads who can't relate to people who have a fear of finance.

Our finance training works because:

✅ It's delivered by an accountant with a personality
✅ It's interactive
✅ It's gamified
✅ It's experiential
✅ It's practical
✅ It's fun

Upskill your non-finance managers to:

Understand their business numbers

so they can

make smart business decisions

Understand the financial language

so they can

talk finance with confidence

Understand financial impacts

so they can

improve financial performance

Interpret your


so they can

quickly drive profitability

01 - Understand Balance Sheets

  • In a live business simulation, you'll discover what is represented on the balance sheet and why, how a balance sheet works and what story it tells. 
  • Learn about current and non-current assets and liabilities and how they help us determine if a business has sufficient resources.
  • Learn how a business is funded and the differences between debt and equity.
  • Use the web app to prepare your own balance sheet.

02 - Demystify Income Statements

  • Using a color-coded approach, discover how to read and make sense of an income statement (P&L).
  • Learn how and when we account for income and expenses, how accrual accounting works and how profit differs from cash flow.
  • Understand the difference between direct and operating expenses and how we determine gross profit, net profit and EBITDA.
  • Learn how accruals, depreciation, selling on credit and write-off's affect profit.
  • See how profit impacts the balance sheet
  • Use the web app to prepare your own income statement.


03 - Unpack the Cashflow Statement

  • Understand the purpose of the cash flow statement.
  • Explore the operating, investing and financing sections of the cash flow statement.
  • See how we use the cash flow statement to determine how well a business uses its cash and how healthy its operations are.
  • Use the web app to prepare your own cash flow statement.

04 - Interpret financial jargon

  • Get a clear understanding of words like debit, credit, journal entry, T-account and trial balance.
  • Get clarity on terms like prepaid expenses, deferred income, working capital, accounts receivable and accounts payable.
  • Use the web app to understand where a financial conversation is taking place and what is being impacted.

Metrics that Matter

Our clients used 'Metrics that Matter' to independently measure our course against the top 1,000 finance for non-finance managers courses delivered by global business school and training and companies and our training significantly outperformed the benchmark:

✅ 95% for Job Impact

✅ 100% for Our Trainers

✅ 96% for Learning Effectiveness

In addition, based on the 33,257 non-finance managers we have trained, the average score obtained on a simple finance pre-assessment was 36%, while the post assessment score was 90%. Numbers don't lie. A huge increase in financial knowledge can be achieved in a relatively short amount of time.

Transform the financial knowledge of your non-finance managers


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Transform the financial knowledge of your non-finance managers


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